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Barista Training Guide

Barista Training Guide - Barista Training, Education, Barista Training Basics

Looking for a barista training guide, barista training checklist or free barista training online? The following questions can be used to test the knowledge of your current employees, barista's, or drive-thru operators.

Coffee barista’s must first master the basics and standards before the can make quality espresso shots, specialty beverages and espresso-based specialty drinks. Barista training is necessary in order to achieve superior customer service and customer experience.

Barista Training Checklist

General Coffee and Espresso Knowledge:

What causes bitter coffee and how can it be solved?

What are the 2 most common species of coffee?

Coffee is grown between what elevations or latitudes?

What is the proper way for storing coffee?

How many grams of coffee are needed to produce 1 shot of espresso?

Espresso Definition

What is espresso?

Why should coffee never be stored in the freezer?

Within how many days should coffee be consumed once ground?

Within how many days should coffee be consumed if not ground?

Within how many minutes should coffee be served before it starts to lose its flavor?

Name 4 factors which determine coffee quality?

What is "crema"?

What causes an espresso to not have "crema" on the top?

What causes coffee grounds to end up in the cup?

What is the approximate time for brewing 1 shot of espresso?

What happens if the timing is too short?

What happens if the timing is too long?

How many ounces is the perfect shot of espresso?

Espresso, Coffee & Equipment Knowledge

Describe the backflushing process?

How often should an espresso machine be back flushed with a cleaner?

How often should an espresso machine be back flushed without a cleaner?

What is used for cleaning the steam wands?

After how many pounds of coffee should the burrs on grinders be replaced?

Where is the portafilter stored between orders and why?

How many times per week should the coffee grinders be cleaned?