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Coffee Statistics 2024

Coffee Statistics - Coffee Drinking Statistics, Global Coffee Consumption

Coffee Statistics

Specialty coffee sales are increasing by 20% per year and account for nearly 8% of the 18 billion dollar U.S. coffee market.

Coffee statistics show that among coffee drinkers the average consumption in the United States is 3 cups of coffee per day.

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Coffee Consumption

How many cups of coffee are consumed daily in the US?

Coffee Statistics: 50% of the population, equivalent to 150 million Americans, drink espresso, cappuccino, latte, or iced/cold coffees.

Coffee Shop Facts: Independent coffee shops equal $12 billion in annual sales.

At the present time there are approximately 24,000 Coffee Shops across the country.

Statistics show there will be approximately 50,000+ Coffee Shops within the years to follow.

The average Espresso Drive-thru Business sells approximately 200-300 Cups of Espresso and Coffee Based Drinks per day.

Coffee Consumption Statistics

Coffee Consumption

The National Coffee Association and The Specialty Coffee Association of America conduct annual surveys regarding coffee consumption each year.

The gathered data provided in the chart to the left can be extremely beneficial to anyone wishing to start a business or just have an insight on coffee consumption.

The top countries in the world with the highest amount of coffee consumption includes:

  • Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Brazil, United States (USA), Japan and Britain (UK)

Percentage of Coffee Drinkers

What percentage of people drink coffee?

Coffee Consumption: Over 50% of Americans over 18 years of age drink coffee every day. This represents over 150 million daily drinkers. 30 million American adults drink specialty coffee beverages daily; which include a mocha, latte, espresso, café mocha, cappuccino, frozen/iced coffee beverages, etc.

 Average Espresso Price: The average price for an espresso based drink is $3.45

 Average Coffee Price: The average price for brewed coffee is $2.38.

Average Coffee Consumption Per Day

How much coffee does the average person drink?

Coffee Cup Consumption Per Day: Men drink as much coffee as women. Women seem to be more concerned about the price than men.
Among coffee drinkers, the average consumption in the United States is 3 cups of coffee per day.

Average Cup Size

The average coffee cup size is 9 ounces. 30% of the population drinks coffee occasionally.

Time of Day

65% of all coffee is consumed during breakfast hours, 30% between meals, and the remaining 5% with other meals.


35% of coffee drinkers prefer black coffee. 65% prefer to add sugar and/or cream.


Women indicated that drinking coffee is a good way to relax. Men indicated that coffee helps them get the job done.

Coffee Shops Nationwide

Coffee Shop Locations

When it comes to coffee shops nationwide (USA Only), the cities with the greatest number of stores per 100,000 residents includes:

  • Seattle, Manhattan, San Francisco, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Houston, New Orleans and Oklahoma City.


The United States imports in excess of $4 Billion worth of coffee per year.

Americans consume over 400 million cups of coffee per day making the United States one of the leading consumers of coffee in the world.

On an average, 250 Cups of espresso and coffee drinks are sold per day at almost any espresso drive-thru business with a great visible location. (500 cups per day is extraordinary.)

Independent coffee shops manage to sell 31% of espresso-based drinks, while the rest is brewed coffee.